Excellence doesn’t just happen. You work at it. You stay dedicated to your objective. You keep focused on your goal. You align with people who share your dream… who support you… who want you to succeed as much as you do.

And that’s why we designed and built this premium gym from the ground up… just for you!

We built Oasis Health Club from scratch after designing and building seven other gyms for other owners.

We took the knowledge and insights gained from that valuable experience, combined it with the critical feedback gathered from thousands of gym members over years, and designed a premium gym that can properly support you all the way in your journey to becoming your ultimate best.

Oasis is a future-focused gym with a new vision and a more holistic and inclusive philosophy, a gym that will continue to serve you and to grow with you long into the future. Because achieving excellence is a journey that happens over time.

Oasis has the people, equipment and nurturing environment for those from all walks of life and all levels of fitness to come and change their lives.

We’ve got hand-picked world-class personal trainers who are the best of the best. They can design a tailor-made program for you no matter what your goal.

We’ve got all the machines you’d expect in a gym, but we have more of them. And we picked the best quality brands with the best premium finishes to keep your gym functioning safely and looking its best.

Yet, Oasis is not for everyone!

It’s not for those who join a gym so they can brag to their friends and colleagues but never really intend working out. It’s not for those who get an obligatory membership as part of their employment package and have no development goals or purpose for belonging. And it’s not for those who place their trust in the weight-loss and workout wisdom of late-night infomercials.

But if you have strong goals, no matter how humble they may seem to others, if you have a firm purpose that compels you to follow through, and if you truly want to become stronger, fitter and healthier than you are now and have your life change for the better, then Oasis is for you.

Oasis is for the most professional of bodybuilders and athletes competing at a world-competition level who have a strong focus on bodybuilding, strength and conditioning.

It’s for corporate workers who need to get an intensive workout done in a 45-minute break so they can be energized, remain focused and perform far more effectively throughout their day.

It’s for moms to come in, get a session done during the day and have their children looked after in our crèche.

It’s for mums-to-be who want to have an easier birth and the energy to really be there for their new baby. And for new mums who want to get their gorgeous bodies back after the birth.

And because we’re results focused, we’re about education and support and encouragement.

We want to make a difference in your life, to grow and go the whole journey with you.

So no matter what your fitness level or your entry point, at Oasis Health Club you’ll feel welcomed, at home and supported in your goal to be your ultimate best.

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