Strength and Conditioning
Focuses on weight training as well as plyometrics, speed, endurance and core stability. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Circuit Course (*J)

Rotation of different exercise stations, complete as many stations in 30-45mins. All over body work out with weights to your level. Suitable for all fitness levels..

At the most basic level, functional fitness refers to exercises that improve daily activity. In my opinion, a functional exercise challenges balance and coordination while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion. It’s about training for life, not events. We typically never have a specific goal in the gym until an event like New Year’s, summer vacation, a wedding, or a party. But sometimes we get so focused on losing weight and toning up before the event that nothing else at the gym matters. So it’s important that we shift our focus from training for events to training for performance and function, making daily activities easier. With this goal in mind, we’ll stay fit year-round.
Our Bootcamp sessions are a combination of boxing, bodyweight functional training, weighted circuits, core training, cardio fitness training, competitive games and interval fitness circuit testing.  Whether you are new to exercise or super fit, you will leave our sessions feeling you have conquered a great workout. We pride ourselves on making our sessions enjoyable, ensuring you look forward to training each week.

We love Tabata interval workouts. High intensity work out. No weights or machines. Just you and a towel, to wipe the sweat. Suitable for all fitness levels.

We stress that our members train at their own pace and not be intimidated during their session. Our goal is to push people hard for their own level of fitness and individually adjust each exercise accordingly.

No matter the fitness level we all train with the same goal and that is to get healthier, fitter and stronger.